2023 Fleet Technology Trends Report

Updated Dec 8, 2022

Asset tracking is rising in popularity

This year, asset tracking emerged as the technology to see the highest percentage increase of new users. The number of respondents indicating they are currently using the technology jumped from 23% last year to 29% this year.

Between improved productivity, utilization and security, fleets can fully utilize their valuable assets — both equipment and employees — while helping to reduce the likelihood of losing them as well. Asset tracking technology adoption is providing a positive ROI. Survey respondents reported improved equipment/trailer utilization (66%) and improved efficiency/productivity for drivers/workers (59%). In fact, 55% of those surveyed reported seeing a positive ROI in less than a year of implementing asset tracking solutions.

Goals achieved by using asset tracking

  • Improved equipment/trailer utilization 
  • Improved efficiency/productivity for drivers/workers 
  • Improved equipment/trailer security 
  • Improved efficiency/productivity for office staff/management 
  • Reduced insurance costs

In a time where complex challenges are straining budgets, complicating order timelines and forcing fleets to operate with fewer resources, many fleets may find it difficult to maintain operations as they are, let alone improve them. While it’s likely the current challenges won’t be resolved overnight, focusing on the factors within a fleet’s control can help calm the chaos. Fleet management technology is a powerful tool that equips fleets with the data they need to make better decisions, navigate challenges and help improve fleet performance.

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